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I wanted to personally thank all of you that could attend our 50th LGFFG Event in April. We delivered a net $400,000 to Barrow and St. Joe’s, which would not have been possible without your help.


After a great deal of discernment, I have decided to go another direction on continuing the LGFFG Event into what would be its 51st year. I will be working on furthering the efforts of the Arizona Alliance for Golf (AAG) through the ACF. The Alliance will be housed at Papago in what will be called the Golf House along with the other non profit golf related community organizations. It is a good fit given the support my Mom and subsequent support Kathy and I have provided to help in the rejuvenation of Papago as a center of community focus.


Kathy and I will continue to offer our support of both St Joseph’s and Barrow’s going forward. I want to sincerely thank you for your support in helping us reach the milestone of 50 years…I am sure my Dad never thought that was possible when it started with a few of his close friends and business associates. We are all proud of the contribution to the community and the Foundations over the years.


Thank you again for all of your support and making it fun along the way!!


Kindest regards,



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